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Neon Bone - Tapes, Singles & Albums 2013 - 2017 [Tape]

Neon Bone - Tapes, Singles & Albums 2013 - 2017 [Tape]

5.99 EUR
Did you miss out on a Neon Bone release since 2013 and now it's sold out? Do you wanna complete your collection?? Do you wanna have all your favorite Neon Bone hits on one physical medium???
Well, here's your chance! Last Exit Music is releasing a compilation tape with everything I recorded from 2013 until now (except the latest split 7inch with Grim Deeds).
Featuring both albums "Good things about you" and "Down to the felt", the "Sick of me" 7inch, the "Year Zero" tape, "Sukiyaki" and one previously unreleased demo. That's more than 40 Songs and 85 minutes of music and it's coming very, very soon!!!

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Limited to 50 copies in greeeeeen!